Just a few quick reminders for SSH for my own memory.

Escape SSH session
` <newline

Once you’ve escaped the session the console will show > and the following commands are available:

~. - terminate connection (and any multiplexed sessions)
~B - send a BREAK to the remote system
~C - open a command line
~R - request rekey
~V/v - decrease/increase verbosity (LogLevel)
~^Z - suspend ssh
~# - list forwarded connections
~& - background ssh (when waiting for connections to terminate)
~? - this message
~~ - send the escape character by typing it twice Continue reading "SSH FAQs"

testing a SMTP server with telnet/openssl


25 – MTA (mail transmission agent) should support un-encripted email and STARTTLS
465 – Unofficial SMTPS – starts a connection expected to have SSL, not needed in this modern age with STARTTLS
587 – MSA (mail submission agent)- meant for mailservers transfering mail to eachother, but will usually accept MTA emails.


Connect to SMTP server with no SSH
telnet servername <port>
Connect to SMTP with SSH
s_client -connect hostname:port
Connect to SMTP with STARTTLS
s_client -starttls SMTP -connect hostname:port


Client: EHLO <client domain>
Server: – The host name of the server
250-8BITMIME – supports 8 Bit MIME extension
250-SIZE 31457280 – max size of email… probably bytes? rfc1870
250-STARTTLS – server supports STARTTSL rfc3207
250-AUTH PLAIN LOGIN – Supported Auth mechanisms – Plain and Login
250 AUTH=PLAIN LOGIN – Final response header (note no dash between response code)

Quick fix SickRage Kickass torrents & Pirate bay

Recently Kickass torrents and Pirate bay have had some of their servers/ domains shut down. They are all back up online, but now Sickrage can’t use them as search providers, because the domains have changed. Here is a quck fix to get them working again, with only 2 lines of code changes needed. All you have to do is update the search provider class for each site, located here SickRage/sickbeard/providers You need to update, line 56 to self.urls = {'base_url': ''} and line 62 of to self.urls = {'base_url': ''} Restart SickRage and you’ll now be able to use KA and TPB again