‘mark up your listings’ updates.

Much needed update to the Galleries/Lists page

Now titled “Carousels”, it has a lot more detail and better explanation of the requirements for getting the Carousel, and what you will actually get for implementing it (the old page was pretty vague)

The two best points are

  • All items in the list must be of the same type, for example: Article or Recipe.
  • List format is currently supported for the following content types. This list is growing, so feel free to create a list for other types as they become supported: Recipe, Film, Course, Article, Recipe.

Update They have removed this text from the page and upon testing, can confirm this bug seems to be fixed now.

Also it gives notices about the bug in the structured data testing tool:

A note about the samples: The url property values in the embedded code samples are reported as errors by the Structured Data Testing Tool. This is only because the tool expects the url value to match the page hosting the data–in this case, the Structured Data Testing Tool itself. Therefore you can ignore this error in the samples.

Would have just been nicer if they fixed the bug that has been present for years.. but oh well.

They’ve also fixed the missing information warnings that were present in the examples, and separated the two ways to use the ItemList: summary page with single detail pages, or full page listing.